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As a college senior, I am reflecting on the fact that my graduation ceremony with friends and family will be postponed indefinitely. Looking for ways to focus on the positive and still be able to celebrate my graduation, I have created Rad Grad Creations. This is a way for you, as parents, to present your child with the most precious gift of all; memories of their school years. All YOU need to do is gather photos and/or video clips and send them to me. I will then create customized and personalized videos with these photos, also including specific campus/college town landmarks and traditions that your child will want to remember forever. 

Whether your child is graduating from Elementary School, Junior High, High School or College, they deserve to have something to remind them of all of the good times they had and all of the important people in their lives. What better way to do so than having Rad Grad Creations create a montage to celebrate their accomplishments. Let this be a bright glimmer of hope and celebration in these unprecedented times. 

A montage has the ability to capture memories and create a collection for reflection. It is a perfect way to compile amazing experiences into one everlasting movie. With today's technology, montages have the ability to be meticulously created with attention to detail and high-quality photos and videos. 

Save yourself time by allowing the experts to prepare this gift for your child's graduation. Simply complete the form on the Home page to begin the process. When doing so, please include the date you would like the video to be completed by.

**YOU get to select whatever content you want to be included. Whether it's one year of memories of your child, a lifetime of memories of your child, or a montage for a group of friends. 

*** MONTAGES CAN BE REQUESTED FOR OTHER SPECIAL OCCASIONS AS WELL!! (birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations).


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